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Are there women in electrochemistry?

I was recently visiting a workshop on surface modification (SMCBS) that is organised every other year by people from our institute. Looking around the room I realised that the audience was about half men and half women.* However, despite the almost equal representation of genders among the conference participants most of the speakers […]


In the latest issue of Nature a group of researchers published what they call “The Leiden Manifesto” for how to evaluate research using a mixture of bibliometric and qualitative data. They don’t say that bibliometric evaluation should be abolished completely, when used properly such data can reveal very interesting information […]

Grammar nazi referees 2

When I referee an article I rarely comment on the grammar or the choice of words. Most authors are not native English speakers and as long as the language is not so spectacularly bad that it makes it hard to understand the meaning I usually don’t mention it. I especially don’t bother […]