I visited Edinburgh last weekend to try some whisky and meet up with my old PhD-colleagues  Martin, Martin and Stina and our old supervisor. Edinburg is a very photogenic city, but there seem to be some pictures that are more or less mandatory – like the one above over the […]

The cost of cycling

I cycle to work almost daily. Two reasons: I love riding bikes, and I really, really hate sitting in traffic jams. I’m not an extreme cyclist by any means, but my daily commute nets me between 3000 and 4000 km per year. I bought my present bicycle in 2008, and […]

Are Poles really that good in English?

Every year when EF, a company specialising in private English instruction, publishes its “English Proficiency Index” we get a host of press reports enthusing about how high Poland (or Sweden) is ranked. This year, Poland is on tenth place in the world, and Sweden on third. But is it true? […]