Yearly archives: 2016

To much free time

A few weeks back we visited the large miniature train exhibition at Warsaw’s National Stadium. The models are incredibly detailed, and it’s clearly so that some people have way too much free time for hobbies. Photographed from the correct angles it’s hard to see that the depicted scenes are only […]

Salt prints

On my research group’s webpage we wrote about a visit we had from some students from the Radom High School of Art. The students, guided by their photography professor Weronika Elertowska, made their own salt prints. I just wanted to add a few more photos from the event that I […]

A table full of tales

If you’re going to write a book from a collection of anecdotes it helps having a hook to anchor the stories to. And what better hook than the periodic table of elements? I just finished Lars Öhrström’s “The Last Alchemist in Paris: And other curious tales from chemistry” the latest in a […]

Saving my life…

The bicycle saves my life every day Today it was time to lift the bike out of the cellar, oil the chain, tighten the bolts and get on for the first ride of the season. Ok, I do ride my bike to work everyday, but today it was the racer […]

In search of a hill

Before I had a child I never realised how fortunate I was to have grown up in a quite hilly city like Göteborg. Warsaw is almost completely flat, which from a biking point of view might be advantageous, but which leaves children in search of a good hill for sledging […]

Så mycket för oberoendet

En sak man hör mycket från PiS-anhängare så fort man klagar på hanteringen av konstitutionsdomstolen (TK), de nya medielagarna eller liknande är att PO gjorde likadant, och det man nu gör är bara att reparera landet igen. (Eller att läka det, som utrikesministern uttryckte det.) Det är typisk whataboutism. Låt oss […]