Press note photo – behind the scenes


Over the last few years our institute has started sending out more professional press notes about recent research we have published. It has earned the institute some space in media. I am a little divided about these kind of press releases, since they tend to hype the research a bit too much for my taste. But on the other hand we do get some coverage in the media as a result. The photos accompanying the press notes are mostly taken by the very good photographer, and generally nice guy, Grzegorz Krzyżewski. You should definitely go and check out his webpage.

Today we had a photo session in the lab for an upcoming press note to this article* just published by my wife and co-workers. It’s about using click-chemistry to bind nanoparticles to a glassy carbon surface, and this was Grzegorz’s image of that process. I took some behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot.

Full sizes can be found here.

EDIT: The final press note can be found here, and the photo in question here.


*Being Elsevier, of course it’s paywalled.

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