A weighty dataset

For more than a decade now I’ve been weighing myself every few days. Here are 10 years of data1. I cannot say I like that trend! It seems like I’m gaining weight at a rate about 0.4 kg per year. Ok, the trendline lies. Rather the weight seems to have jumped during a few shorter periods and stayed constant between. I really don’t know what happened in 2017.

There is a lot of variation in the individual data points. They shift with up to a kilogram from day to day, depending on if I’ve just eaten or… the opposite. Also, the shortish term variations are weakly correlated with the amount of cycling I do (r=-0.29).

Scatterplot between the two-week moving averages of weight and cycling distance. The red line is the best linear fit.

The Christmas lockdown – lots of food and no commuting – has pushed my weight to its highest ever, 79 kg on New years eve 2020.

Lets hope the vaccine can end the pandemic reasonably soon. I really don’t need another step upwards!

  1. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with noting down data about things.

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