So, it wasn’t

This means I’m bored, right.

I discovered a perverse longing for sharing my thoughts with the world… Not that the world cares, but I will still insist on ranting about amusing, annoying or otherwise remotely interesting things life puts in my way. Hold on, here we go…

After missing out on seeing the Governator pumping iron, and instead went a made a fouled attempt at winning the local pub quiz, I decided to have a look at the Cinemateket program. It sports a number of interesting themes, like Kieslowski, Wenders, Football, and so on. A few films I spotted that I want to see, e.g Kieslowski’s Amator and Przypadek, Pasolini’s Il vangelo secondo Matteo and of course the now very timely La Haine and La Battaglia de Algeri. From Wim Wenders I like Himmel über Berlin, and will go and see Der amerikanische Freund, but he does tend to be too pretentious and not a bit boring. Anyone that saw Lisbon Story surely must agree. I still haven’t seen Time of the Gypsies, so maybe I will now…

Of course, as we all know, plans are plans and have very little to do with reality… probably I’ll only see one of the mentioned films, and several of the others.

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