To much free time

A few weeks back we visited the large miniature train exhibition at Warsaw’s National Stadium. The models are incredibly detailed, and it’s clearly so that some people have way too much free time for hobbies. Photographed from the correct angles it’s hard to see that the depicted scenes are only […]

In search of a hill

Before I had a child I never realised how fortunate I was to have grown up in a quite hilly city like Göteborg. Warsaw is almost completely flat, which from a biking point of view might be advantageous, but which leaves children in search of a good hill for sledging […]

Den farliga småaktigheten

För andra veckan i rad organiserade “Kommittén för demokratins försvar” (Komitet Obrony Demokracji, KOD) demonstration för att protestera mot hur den nya PiS-regeringen försöker att undergräva konstitutionsdomstolens (TKs) makt. Förra veckan samlades kanske 50000 personer utanför TK i Warszawa (reportage av SRs Thella Jonsson här), och idag var vi upp […]

All Saints’ Day

All saints’ day in Poland means millions of people visiting the cemeteries, adorning the graves with flowers and grave lights. The picture above was taken leaving the shutter open as I was walking past the local cemetery. A picture of graves at night. Note the grave in the centre. It’s […]